Children and Youth

Children and youth work

All age worship

Held at St Laurence’s church on the first Sunday of the month at 11:15am. This service provides lively worship, teaching and drama in a contemporary style.

Kidzone for 3-11 year olds

Held at St Laurence’s on the 2nd to 5th Sundays at 11:15am. Children of 3 years old and over meet in the Parish Centre where we divide up into two groups.

Children from The Strettons/Dorrington are part of Lighthouse group and meet in the downstairs hall of the Parish Centre.

Children from the outlying parishes eg Rushbury, Church Preen and Brown Clee are part of Beacons Group and meet upstairs.

Pink Dinosaur Club for 11-18 year olds

The Pink Dinosaur Club meets every Thursday evening at 7pm. We alternate each week between face-to-face meetings at the Parish Centre or outside and the following week is via Zoom.
We play games, watch video clips, have quizzes, lively discussion and fun, while relating it to life and realising that somehow everything, no matter how random, can be related back to the Bible!
Anyone aged between 11- 18 years is welcome to attend. For more information please email

All Age Worship
St Laurence’s
1st Sundays, 11:15am

3-9 year olds
St Laurence’s
2nd to 5th Sundays, 11:15am

Pink Dinosaur Club
11-18 year olds
Alternate weeks at the Stretton Parish Centre and on Zoom
Thursdays at 7pm

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Working with our children

Sally Clilverd Youth Worker_sq

Sally Clilverd
Children and Families Worker